Victory Lap: The Marathon Continues

  I'm prolific, so gifted. I'm the type that's gon' go get it, no kidding.  -Nipsey Hussle Fighting for the dream on what your definition of success is can come with much sacrifice. A sacrifice that only your immediate family or close friends may know regarding what hides behind the smile on your Instagram and Facebook [...]


Doing Life With God Pt. 2

Doing Life With God Pt. 2

Heavenly Father, thank you for the opportunity to share my perspective with those who are diligently seeking you. Thank you for your word, which serves as a lamp to our feet. Please allow me to decrease and for you to increase throughout this post. I would like for the people to hear Jesus through my [...]

This Is America…

As a child and adolescent crisis therapist I see crises every day in schools, homes; wherever I am called to assess a client. I’ve seen a lot and sometimes the children’s stories of the trauma they have endured is heartbreaking. I've seen how a child's behavior can be an outward expression of vomiting out the [...]