Open The Shutters: Invite The Shining Light of God’s Grace and Mercy Into Your Life

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for your presence in my life; your grace, mercy, and everlasting love. I appreciate all of the ways that you have made for me. My written expression may never satisfy the way I feel when I think about how grateful I am for your son, Jesus. The name alone is [...]


Hello, From The Other Side.

Hello, From The Other Side.

Hello, From the Other side. The other side of your healing is a marvelous and joyful space to be in. This space is the result of: miracles and answered prayers, no more crying about your situation, the spirit of depression being lifted from you, God showing up right when you were about to give up; [...]

Yes, I love to travel but I’m secretly afraid of flying…

Paris, Puerto Rico, Dubai, Belize, and Cuba are just a few places I've been. I have this theory that since my mother and father met as travel agents, that my love for travel was somehow in my blood. lol I love traveling so much that I sought after a group of like minded people who [...]