W.O.W Happy Mother’s Day!

  There is a lot of controversy about Ayesha Curry’s discussion with Jada Pickett-Smith on Facebook Watch: Red Table Talk. She expressed her insecurities about being in a marriage for 10 years and not getting other male attention as her husband gets from women. I think people focused on that part and made their on [...]

Starving Christian: Being a Newborn in Christ

Starving Christian: Being a Newborn in Christ

Can you imagine what life would be like with no bills, no worries, no sins to repent for, no responsibilities to juggle, being held in the arms of someone who loves you unconditionally every day and the only thing you have to do is eat and sleep? Newborn babies are living the life! lol A [...]

Trying to Impress the Wrong Person Can Lead You Down the Wrong Path

          Guest Contributing Writer : Rev. Genciano Clotter—Emmanuel Baptist Church Brooklyn, NY Avatar. This stars a young boy named Aang,who is an avatar, that is frozen in ice for 100 years. Aang has the ability to manipulate elements and is in charge of keeping the world balanced and peaceful. Though Aang [...]

Graduation Day!

Dear Graduate aka ME! Whew! You made it. It's been five years since you moved from California to DC/Maryland area. You were 26, hurting from a failed relationship, you were thriving in your career in church ministry but you wanted to connect more in depth with the lives you were touching . You constantly questioned [...]