Shepherd’s Corner: “A Balanced Life” with Pastor David Hunter, Sr.

Pastor David Hunter, Sr., M.A., M. Div Tribe of Judah Miracle Center Triangle, Virginia Balance means the equality between the totals of the credit and debit sides of an account as recorded in a ledger. Balance is the state of equilibrium. Balance is also defined as the harmonious arrangement or relation of parts or elements [...]


Shepherd’s Corner: The Balance of Family and Ministry with Youth Pastor Donnie Briggs

Youth Pastor, Elder Donnie Briggs Los Angeles, CA - West Angeles COGIC  When I first began working as a Youth Pastor about 6 years ago, I was consumed with being busy – and I loved it (at least I thought I did). During that period I was wearing many hats, Youth Pastor/Director, Administrative Assistant with [...]

#Issatrap : When Your Hurt Traps Your Forgiveness

  Hurt is a dangerous feeling. It hits every nerve of insecurity or doubt you have ever secretly told yourself or God during journaling, told a close friend or an intimate partner. When the enemy conveniently uses those secrets by regurgitating it back in your face in some shape or form; anger, distrust and resentment [...]

Graduation Day!

Dear Graduate aka ME! Whew! You made it. It's been five years since you moved from California to DC/Maryland area. You were 26, hurting from a failed relationship, you were thriving in your career in church ministry but you wanted to connect more in depth with the lives you were touching . You constantly questioned [...]