Tearing Down Fences: Exposing Your Emotions To Bring Your Own Healing

I had a chance to watch the movie Fences with Denzel Washington and Viola Davis and... wow I cannot stop thinking about it! There were so many elements of realism, transparency of emotions, spirituality and projected fears that I found it very intriguing to watch each character reveal who and where they were in their [...]

Lemonade: Uncomfortable Grief

"you can always have another one" "be grateful, at least you still have..." "It could be worse" "you'll get through it" "God won't put more on you, than you can bear" "Just try and take care of yourself" "It's just hair"... Although they mean well and your intuition tells you the same, you are still [...]

Are You The Rock in Your Family? Unmask the Superhero in You

      Being a Pastoral Counselor intern at a hospital, I come across a lot of scenarios where patients who are recently diagnosed with a certain type of cancer form two immediate concerns: 1. What does this diagnosis mean to my way of living now?  2. How will my family take the news/who can [...]