Shepherd’s Corner: “F” Balance …with Pastor Torrian Scott

Shepherd’s Corner: “F” Balance …with Pastor Torrian Scott

Guest contributing writer: Senior Pastor Torrian Scott —Harvest International Church- Brea, California “F” Balance. Well that caught your attention didn't it? My name is Torrian Scott. I am a husband, father, pastor, executive coach, entrepreneur, author, and speaker. Though my profession and vocation lead me into various atmospheres and places across the nation.  I have been [...]

Trying to Impress the Wrong Person Can Lead You Down the Wrong Path

          Guest Contributing Writer : Rev. Genciano Clotter—Emmanuel Baptist Church Brooklyn, NY Avatar. This stars a young boy named Aang,who is an avatar, that is frozen in ice for 100 years. Aang has the ability to manipulate elements and is in charge of keeping the world balanced and peaceful. Though Aang [...]

Shepherd’s Corner: “A Balanced Life” with Pastor David Hunter, Sr.

Pastor David Hunter, Sr., M.A., M. Div Tribe of Judah Miracle Center Triangle, Virginia Balance means the equality between the totals of the credit and debit sides of an account as recorded in a ledger. Balance is the state of equilibrium. Balance is also defined as the harmonious arrangement or relation of parts or elements [...]